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How much is your home worth?

Free property valuation. Let us calculate the market value without any obligation.

Going to the next step in your life and looking for a new home that suits you better of course you want to find out what your current home is worth.

The brokers of Cura Real Estate  would like to help you with that. In doing so, we look further than just the exterior of your home. We look extensively at issues such as:

  • your story
  • type of house
  • format and layout
  • location and surroundings
  • the state of the dwelling
  • level of finish
  • accessibility

We process all collected information in a clear valuation. This service is completely free of charge. Curious about the value of your home? Contact us.


  • Eladio Diaoen
    May 14, 2020 at 11:23 am

    I have a 3 bedroom 1=3m×4m 2=3m×3m 3=4m×4m
    1 living and dining 4m×10m open kitchen with inbouw stove 1 back porch no tiles 1 front porch with tiles 1 car garage dining and living room with tiles a few fruit trees on a hill with beautiful views of the surrounding can even see the see in the distance .Is it possible to get an estimate.

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